Career Services


A major perk of attending Exceptional Service Learning Institute is that we provide lifetime Career Services for our graduates. These career services include: resume workshops, cover letter support, mock interviews, job placement assistance, and much more.

If at any point you need help finding work that pertains to the training program you’ve completed, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Career Services Departments to set up a personalized career planning session. Call and speak with a representative from the career services department.

It is critical to maintain constant contact with the career service coordinator. While the career service department is optional to graduates, it is strongly encouraged. However, if you are no longer interested in placement services, please let the department know, via the Placement Waiver.

Items Career Services CANNOT Do For You:

  • Type your resume
  • Guarantee employment
  • Fill out your applications
  • Entice and/or convince employers to hire you

Items Career Services CAN Do For You:

  •  Review and suggest changes to your resume
  • Fax/E-mail your final draft resume out to sites
  • Offer preparedness classes to guide you in dressing and interviewing for success
  • Send you job leads